Shadow Puppet Workshop

Shadow puppet workshop

For ages 4-12

Details: 2 hr workshop, 10 minute history of shadow puppets,10 minute puppet show (for younger audiences 4-6, old macdonald sing-a-long with the puppets) make your own shadow puppet, 40 min, form groups and make up a quick play, 20 min,  groups of 2-4 kids take turns performing behind the shadow screen, 20 min. Students will be left with instructions on how to make their own simple shadow show, teachers will be left with a booklet of weblinks and further teachings ideas that fit into curriculum.

Two hours includes 10 minute  set up. 10 minute take down

Supplies provided by Megan: a selection of shadow puppet outlines for students to choose from, on card stock, bendy straws, masking tape, hole punch, brads

Supplies provided by School/Library/Daycare centre : scissors, colour markers, masking tape, table for shadow screen and chair, plug within 5 feet.

maximum class size 25-30 kids. combined classes to a total of 25-30 kids

2 sessions required per school booking.

Please contact for fees.



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