Ecotones: Exploring In-Between Spaces

November 8-20, 2021

I was Artist-in-Residence at the Ground Floor Studio, the home of Jumblies Theatre in Toronto, Ontario.

We were working with the community arts model, where open workshops are offered, in this case both online and in person. During the workshop people were invited to explore what in-between space meant to them, and to paint it in watercolours which were then animated in stop motion.

Some were done by the creator, some in collaboration with Jumblies artists or myself, some were left with us to interpret or bring to life based on the artist’s vision. During this time, 41 individual stop motion shorts were made, this video represents all of them.

On average, each 10 seconds of video took about 65 pictures. During the Finale, we had a live pianist and viola player, who improvised our soundtrack as the film played, which was recorded and you’ll hear here! Thanks to all the artists at Jumblies for this in-between, time-out-of-time space.

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