Megan Spencer

Megan has been an innovative creator her entire life. While primarily self taught, she attended the  Fanshawe Fine Arts Program, from 1995-99, focusing on sculpture inspired by the human form and created from  natural materials.

Megan has played around with endless materials and styles, currently  applying her wide knowledge base to making puppets; as well as drawing and writing her own graphic novel.

Megan has taken part in a variety of workshops to further her interest in puppetry with the Old Trout Puppet  Workshop, Nappy’s Puppets, marionette making with Budapest artist Bence Sarkadi, Puppetmongers Toronto as  well as several others in her 5 years attending the Puppets Up! festival in Almonte, on.

Megan has run workshops for homeless people in Toronto, where they created a series of large scale painting  as a group based on their collective experience, taught basic puppet making as part of free school weekends, Shadow puppet workshops in local schools, after school programs at the South of 60 Arts Centre in Barry’s Bay, On, including a summer camp in August 2011 at the same location.

Megan is an artist-in-residence and board member with the Ottawa Valley Creative Arts open Studio since 2013. The Studio runs free workshops, including megan’s puppet making series.

Megan lives in the Ottawa Valley on the Sacred Gardener farm, with her partner Steven, son, Oscar and daughter, Cedar. They grow much of their own food, herbs for the Algonquin tea company, keep bees and chickens and run a series of earth wisdom workshops.

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